Same Day / Overnight Mac Repair Service:

Laptop Hard Drives last on average 3 years depending on the abuse they have to sustain. Desktop Hard drives last on average 5 years also depending on usage. Besides shocks and vibration while spinning. Heat is the biggest enemy causing premature drive failure. Removing the dust from the interior and removing dust from the cooling system is always performed when we open a Apple computer for repair.

We install a much bigger and faster hard drive than originally installed.  And we transfer your data from the old drive or restore from your back-up system.

Mac Tune-Up:

Over time the OS X file system can become disorganized and the user accounts cluttered with erratic data. We use dedicated software and knowledge to give your Apple computer a spring cleaning making it run like new again. A memory upgrade is an inexpensive way to give any iMac - Macbook - Mini or Mac Pro a boost.

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SSD drive upgrade:

Hard Drives have physical disks spinning fast inside your computer and are responsible of storing all the data on your computer. Solid State Drives have no moving parts and are therefor much faster and reliable. Scooter-IT offers SSD upgrades on most Apple Macbook (Pro) - iMac and Mini and Mac Pro computers.

Memory upgrade: 

Expanding the Memory of any iMac - Macbook - Mini - Mac Pro is the most cost effective solution to increase the performance of any Apple Computer and dramatically improve your user experience. 


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