Mac Tune-Up

Flat rate service what takes about one day to completely overhaul and verify your Mac. Not just software updates but really dive deep into the system cleaning and optimizing the software and data and bringing it all back up to speed again. 

If needed we will also install a new and faster hard drive and upgrade the memory to give your trusty Mac a second life.


apple repair guy 150.png


  1. Basic hard drive check
  2. Back-Up all data
  3. Verify and repaired permissions
  4. Software update


  1. Launch Services
  2. Display of folder's content
  3. Dyld's shared cache
  4. Spotlight index
  5. Mail Envelope Index


  1. System Cache
  2. User cache (audio Cache has been retained)
  3. Fonts Cache
  4. Web browser & history
  5. Logs, including Crashreporter
  6. Temporary and Recent items

File system:

  1. Verify and repair volume structures
  2. Defragment files
  3. Optimize volumes and collect free space into one large continuous block

Manual file management:

  1. Flush DNS Cache
  2. Optimize Network settings
  3. Remove redundant Wireless networks
  4. Deleted legacy software
  5. Move applications in into the Applications folder
  6. Remove old OSX Manuals
  7. If applicable removed large files from the desktop to the appropriate folders
  8. Consolidate random files in a designated folder in the user directory
  9. Open and verify iPhoto - iTunes - Mail and the most used apps located in the Dock

Software update: 

  • Update OSX and Applications to current level

Software upgrade: 

  • If requested, upgrade the Mac OSX operating system to the latest version that will run well on your Mac


  • Install new HD / SSD drive if needed (at cost)
  • Install extra memory if requested (at cost)