Synchronize Email - Contacts - Calendars across all your computers.

Apple eMail Applications:

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Mail client is a program on a computer that receives and sends email. The most popular email programs for the Mac are Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook 2011 formally Entourage. Rather than logging into a website like Yahoo or Gmail it is much more convenient to use a dedicated program to read the email. Eliminating the  distracting adds and banners. And keeping email available even when you have no internet connection.

Apple Mail is very well integrated with all the other Apps on your Mac making a task like sending a picture or document much easier. 

We recover and migrate email - contacts - calendars

POP - IMAP - MS Exchange:

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POP email*

Downloads to each computer individually and removes the original email from the server after a preset number of day's. This will cause that you still have to manage the email on your other computers after reading it on your iPhone, iPad, Macbook or iMac. Common POP email providers: Comcast, Yahoo, AT&T, Pacbell,  

IMAP email

leaves the email on the server and synchronizes it across your other Apple or Windows computers, smartphones and tablets. When setup and used correctly email moved to a folder will also be organized across all your other email clients like Apple Mail or MS Outlook. Usually the provider also offers the syntonization of your contacts and calendar. Common providers are Apple iCloud (@me.com / iCloud.com) and Google with Gmail.com

Microsoft Exchange:

Works similar like IMAP and is usually deployed by corporate servers. You can rent your own server from Microsoft Office 365. Exchange server manages email - contacts and calendars and can be used on all platforms either OS X, Windows, iOS or Android.

*POP is a simpler protocol that might be at an advantage for those traveling to places with limited internet.

Apple iCloud: 


Formally known as .Mac later as Mobile Me. Is an excellent free service from Apple witch makes it very easy to keep all the email, contacts, calendars and many other services. We are expert in setting this up and resolve any problems with iCal and Contacts.

iCloud is specific to Apple computers and does not work on Windows PC's or on MS Outlook for Mac. For cross platform support we recommend Google or MS Exchange.

Yahoo Mail problems:

Yahoo email accounts are the most hacked email accounts. It is crucial to use a very strong password unique to this account. This first indication that your Yahoo! email has been hacked is that all your contacts start receiving spam emails send from your account. Often the hackers delete all email and contacts. Its best to use an email client like Apple Mail or Outlook for greater convenience and back-up of your email  - contacts and calendar. Recently Yahoo has been deploying IMAP but this has been very problematic with Apple Mail and MS Outlook. Given the Yahoo! security problems and outdated POP email protocol its best to switch to an other email provider. We can help you find the best email solution for you, configure all your email accounts and copy your old email into the new account.