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iCloud storage management and up or downgrade

September 2013.

Recently many iCloud users have received notice from Apple that their free 20GB storage upgrade will expire on September 30th. Every iCloud account comes with 5GB of storage space. In this email I will help you to determine if its necessary to purchase the upgraded storage space.

iCloud storage space is used for:

  • Back-Up iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch
  • File storage for iCloud supported apps
  • Review your iCloud storage:
  • Mac: System preferences > iCloud > Manage
  • iPhone / iPad: Settings > General > Usage > iCloud > Manage Storage

Before you purchase the upgrade you might want to check and see if you can delete redundant files. Usually most space is consumed by the iCloud Back-Up of your iOS devices. You can free up space by removing old Back-Ups and possibly Back-Ups from devices you don’t already own. Often people share one iCloud account with one or more family members. If they also use iCloud for online back-up of their iPhone / iPad you will unlikely have enough space for these back-ups. Since iCloud is free I recommend that everyone gets their own account. If needed you can share one or more of your iCal calendars as described in this Apple Support article. iTunes is a separate account that can still remain the same on your family member computers allowing you to share the purchased music, movies and apps.

iCloud Storage upgrade pricing:

  • 5GB   Free
  • 10GB $20 / year*
  • 20GB $40 / year
  • 50GB $100 / year

The upgrade will be added to the free 5GB. So a 10GB upgrade will result in 15GB storage space etc.

*Click on "Downgrade Options" in the lower left corner


Posted on September 9, 2013 and filed under Mac Tips & Tricks.