To upgrade or not?

In a few weeks Apple will announce new products and release the latest versions of OSX and iOS. These events always make people wonder if they should move over to the latest and greatest operating system and/or even buy a new iPhone or Mac.

Moore’s Law doesn’t apply any more. The curve of increasing processor speed has flattened. However, developments of SSD drives, faster memory and system architecture make new Mac’s much snappier than every before. Even at a lower processor speed, like the recently launched 12” Macbook these new technologies make this laptop work very well for most common tasks.

Apple desktops and laptops last a long time. Five to seven years is common for most users. If your trusty Mac has become a bit sluggish it will benefit from a Mac Tune-Up. A new faster and bigger Hard Drive or even SSD upgrade together with more memory will make your Mac feel like new again.

Most new Macbook’s don’t have removable memory modules making an upgrade afterwards impossible. Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing the maximum amount of memory available on any new Macbook. If battery life is important, upgrade to the i7 processor. This processor saves power by adapting the speed to the performance needed therewith saving battery life.

When selecting an iMac please note the 21.5” iMac is very hard to upgrade the memory, so its best to Choose at least 8Gb. If the budget allows it, I highly recommend the 27” iMac with the Retina display. The ultra sharp screen is amazing, not only for pictures but more importantly very crisp and clear text. Unless you need the computer for heavy tasks, like photo or video editing, your money is best spent on Memory and SSD drive. Not processor speed.

There will be an update on the iPhone and iPad. If you are still on a iPhone 5 or older, this might be a good time to upgrade. Many debate about the iPhone 6 or the larger 6 Plus size. Its a personal choice. Frankly, I would consider the Plus size if your carry the phone in a purse or coat pocket.

Upgrading to iOS 9/ OSX 10.11 El Capitan

Yes, absolutely unless you still have an older Mac with less than 4GB of memory.  The new operating systems are improvements of the current versions. Not much change or new features.  It’s best to wait a few weeks before installing the new operating system. There are alway’s some bugs that become visible when deploying software to millions of users. Someone will be messed up and cry wolf on the internet. I guarantee it will happen, but these are always exceptions usually caused by problems that were present before the person upgraded in the hopes of fixing their broken system. So don’t worry. Just wait and give the developers some time to make the necessary tweaks so you don’t have to worry about them.

As always, have more than one back-up before you upgrade.

Posted on August 26, 2015 .