How to fix MS Outlook for Mac after May update

The recent update of MS Office 2011 for Mac caused Outlook to crash on startup.

After the update when you start Outlook it will bounce once in the dock and will show active with the white dot under the icon indicating that its running but no Outlook to bee seen. Activity monitor also indicates that MS Outlook is running.

So far, the 14.5.1 update seems to have fixed the problem. You can run the update by opening MS Word and initiate a new Update via the Help menu. Or you can download the update package from this link.


If you are comfortable using Terminal you can try:

  1. Quit Outlook completely. (check Activity monitor)
  2. Open the Terminal program.
  3. Type defaults delete and press Enter.
  4. After that task finishes, type killall cfprefsd and press Enter.
  5. After that task finishes, start Outlook.

This workaround did not delete my emails, saved drafts, signatures, or calendar events; it only deleted my preferences. But of course, you should make sure your email is backed up somewhere on a Time Machine back-up. Or have them on your IMAP or Exchange server.

Posted on June 2, 2015 .