Scanning Documents and Pictures

Almost all scanners rely on Apple's standard application “Image Capture”. You can find this application via:

  • Applications > Image Capture
  • Preview > File > Import from xxx scanner
  • System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > xxx scanner
  • Software provided by the printer manufacturer

*The Scanner is only visible if your printer/scanner is turned on and connected to your Mac!

Below are the settings that will work for most of your document scanning needs:

  1. Scan Mode: Flatbed or Feeder (a stack of papers in the top of the scanner)
  2. Kind : Black & White
  3. Grays” 256 Grays
  4. Resolution: 100 dpi (300 dpi for small print)
  5. Custom Size: Check this box!
  6. Auto selection: Off
  7. Scan to: Desktop (anywhere you can find the scans easily)
  8. Name: Name it now or change it later
  9. Format: PDF
  10. Combine into single document: Check this box for multiple page documents

Overview & Scan

If the scanner has not done so already, click the “Overview” button. Soon you will see a preview of the entire area. Next select the area you want to scan with your mouse or trackpad on the preview area.
Start the scanning process by selecting “Scan”. Within a few seconds your digitized piece of paper  is ready and can be saved or shared via email.


Scanning pictures is an "Art", a quick scan for your website or email can be made by changing to settings to: Color > Millions > JPEG. Resolution for email or website choose 72 dpi and for printing 300 dpi.

If you want to go paperless and want to digitize all documents I highly recommend the Fujtsu Scansnap document scanners.

Posted on March 12, 2014 .