Stop Squinting

Whether your eyes are aging or you simply need glasses. No one should have to squint at the screen when surfing the web, reading email or writing documents.

To save yourself from eystrain, fatuegue or making errors. I have a few tips how to increase the font size in applications where easy to see text will make the biggest difference.

To make everything bigger:

Adjust the display to a lower resolution!

  • System Preferences > Displays > Check "Scaled" choose a lower resolution that fits your entire screen.

Use the entire screen view: 

Many Applications on your Mac can go full screen by clicking on the expanding arrows on the top right corner.

Web browsing:

  • Zoom in   : ⌘ +
  • Zoom out : ⌘ -
  • Default      :⌘ 0

*Repeat tapping + or - to increase the amount. 

In Safari you can change the smallest font size by:

  • Safari > Preferences > Advanced; check the Accessibility website box and choose a font size that work
  • s best for you.

Email and Messages:

  • Mail > Preferences > Fonts & Colors and change the font and size to what works best for your vision.
  • Messages > Preferences > Messages> Set Font… * in orer to change the font size for my messages you might need to change the “My background color” before you can change the font setting…

iTunes & iPhoto:

Change the library fonts:

  • iTunes > Preferences > General Under “Views” check the box “Use large text for list views”
  • iPhoto > Preferences > Apperearance At the bottom of the window change the “Source Text” to Large

Navigating your Mac:

To change the size of the icons and text size while using finder:

  • Finder > View > Show View Options

Make all side bar icons bigger in Finder and Mail:

  • System Preferences > General > Sidebar icon size change to medium or large.

Text editing:

Consider a plain text editor like Apple’s TextEdit that comes with every Apple computer for free. The clean interface and zoom options under the view menu will make reading and writing much easier. You can alway's cut and pate the text into any other application or website.

If you find yourself writing formatting text frequently considder learning Markdown. Get David Sparks latest Field Guide to learn everything about   it.

Posted on April 17, 2013 .