Limit your (kids) internet access...

The internet is a wonderful place to explore - learn and entertainment but can also be a huge waist of time. If you want to limit yourself or better yet the kids on how much time can be spent online you can program the Apple Airport or Time Capsule to limit or block a device from accessing the home network.

Manage your Airport / Time Capsule access:

  1. Open the Apple Airport Utility.
  2. Select Airport / Time Capsule that is connected to the internet
  3. Double click on the device
  4. Select the Network tab
  5. Open the "Time Access Control…"
  6. Ad the wireless client you want to control
  7. Name it and ad the "Wireless Access Times"
  8. Save the settings and click "update"

MAC address:

This is not n abbreviation for Apple Macintosh but means Media Access Control address. It's unique hexadecimal notation that identifies any device that can be attached to a computer network. You can find the MAC address in various manners:

  • Apple iMac / Macbook/ Mini / Pro: System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Hardware
  • iOS: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch: Settings > General > About > "WiFi Address = MAC address

Alternatively, you can also move your mouse over the wireless clients after selecting the Airport / Time Capsule to reveal the client details.

Open DNS:

To further control and protect your network you can subscribe to their services and apply the settings. Unfortunately I have not been able to apply time limits to a specific website like Facebook or Twitter. Visit the Open DNS website to learn more.

Parental controls:

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion has very good Parental Controls to manage users about what applications / website can be used.

Almost all routers and cable / dsl modems offer some form of access control. Please read the or contact me if you need assistance managing your Apple Airport. Or other brands like Netgear, Cisco, Linksys, D-Link, etc


Posted on March 15, 2013 and filed under Network.