Manage your contacts

Avoid having multiple "Cards" for the same person. Often users create separate entries of the various phone numbers for the same person. Its best to merge all these cards and consolidate to one card, with the various phone numbers, email addresses etc properly labeled. Later, when you add this person to your favorites in your iPhone, you can choose the preferred number. Don't worry, you can make multiple "Favorites" for the same person assigning the various phone numbers.

Make entering new contacts easier by changing the template to what works best for your contacts. You can change the Card template via Contacts > Preferences > Template. Don't forget to add or remove fields to your needs.


  1. Take care of duplicates:
  2. Automatically:
  3. Open Contacts > Cards > "Look for Duplicates" and allow the application to merge the duplicates.
  4. Manually merge contacts:
  5. Select one or more cads > Cards > Merge Contacts

Finishing touches:

  • Easily add e-mail addresses from contacts you have been exchanging emails with:
  • Open Mail > Wiindow > Previous Recipients
  • Now, you can add contacts by selecting the names that don't have the contact card icon and click the "Add to Contacts" button.
  • Remove a faulty email address that automatically pops up is you start an email.

The missing CRM: read my blog post  about "smart contacts" to add more functionality to the Apple Address book.

Printing your contacts:

Now that the holiday's are drawing near and many people want to send cards or invitations the need arises to print the contacts.

After you have selected the contacts choose "Print" under the File menu. To gain access to all the print options click "Show Details" at the bottom of the print window. Under Style you can choose:

  • Mailing Labels*
  • Envelopes
  • Lists
  • Pocket Address Book

* Do yourself a BIG favor, don't mess with these address labels and invest in a Dymo LabelWriter 450. Save money on the labels by buying 3rd party labels via Ebay

Posted on January 5, 2013 .