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Rogier Willems has moved to Southern California and has started under a new name:

I am very pleased with the new owner of Scooter-IT. He has a great sense for customer service and is also a certified Mac Genius withe experience. Many of my clients have told me that they are pleased with my replacement.

Customer Service

We explain step by step what we do and empower you master your Apple computer from iMac to iPhone. Unlike many PC geeks we want to make ourselves redundant by teaching you how to stay out of trouble.  Available 7 days per week by phone or email. For quick support and follow-up we offer remote support via phone and internet.




Mac Only

Started with MS DOS, progressed though MS Windows. Experimented with Linux. And settled with Mac OS X for the same reasons as all the other "switchers":

Reliability - No Viruses - Stability - Quality hardware.

Trained and Certified by Apple

Extensive training and four years of experience as a Genius in the Apple Store in Burlingame gave me vast experience with all Apple products, past and present.